missions statement

Going to New Hope Haiti Mission orphanage to glorify God while loving and serving our neighbors in Port au Prince, Haiti

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

day 7

i sadly must end the trip with this final blog post. i do pray though, that this is not the last word heard in shalom about nhhm and haiti. lets continue god's work in port au prince, haiti by sharing these new experiences with everyone! i write this at 1 am to let everyone know that we, all 7 of us, have arrived safely to mechanicsville, va. prayer is powerful, God is great, His church is working among the nations, join God in His work! and please join us april 15 at church at 11 am to hear and see our update of our mission trip. AMEN

Monday, March 26, 2012

day 6

one fulfilling day!!! we woke up today with a huge goal. we wanted to build one more garden box for a total of 2 rooftop boxes, fill it with gravel and dirt. we wanted to finish a quilt of hand prints to leave here for the children. we wanted to paint the truck white, we wanted to teach them how to compost. we wanted to do a few film projects withthe kids. praise God because we did it all by 6 pm!!!!! we got to enjoy our last haiti sunset on the roof knowing that we had done our best for Gods glory in haiti. we are leaving nhhm at 930 am, flyinh at 3 am to 11 pm. then driving home for 2 hours. thank you harold clark for picking us up!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

day 5

praise God for good health, food, water, and shelter!!! this has been made clear to us all the past few days. i must say that yesterday was unforgettable with great views at 6,500 feet and a near death experience . we were over the top of the mountain and coming down sharp turns when we found ourselves sliding toward the cliffs edge while locked in the cage of the truck bed. we stopped about 6 feet from the edge and made it all out safe! today was a blessing as we went to church at Churh of Christ. the pastor is jean laubert who runs the orphanage at nhhm. it was beautiful service and my first time speakig with a translator. the ret of today was spent filling the garden roof top. ox with rocks and soil. the children helped shovelhe dirt so it only took about an hour. one box is ready for seed! tomorrow we will film the children, paint the truck, build and fill the second box, and educate the orphanage about composting. is that enough? ryan

Saturday, March 24, 2012

day 3

I am writin his at 550 am on day four, saturday! yesterday was a truly rare experience. we fed 2,500 people beans and rice with sripture in creole then went to a fild until dark to play soccer and games with the children. what an incredible day yesterday... vicky, jes, and I followed scott salvant, director, into the village of Balan to give a cot and medicine to a fifteen year old girl with cerebral palsy. this girl actually looked around 5 years old as she lay on the hard ground in hr family 6x6 hut. the children are bonding with us now and convesations are more smooth and frequent. a few children have no parents while the rest have only one that can not provide for them. continue to pray for us to be able to look like christ to the children and staff at nhhm. today, day 4, we are going up into the mountains and driving to 6,500 ft to see an agriculture project, hike, and go to the market for gifts. we are also takig seen ofthe older hildren with us and the best part is... this their first time going as well. shard experiences are powerful so please pray for us and the children. apso pray for travel safety since we will be on a truck for more than 8 hrs. orevwa

Thursday, March 22, 2012

day 2

dear friends and family, we are all in our beds covered with bug nets for the second night of our journey. i am hoping tonight is a better sleep than the last due to dogs jumping over the property wall and fighting to eat the trash. it is 10 pm and we have all been awake since 5.30 am. it may sound like a long day but it is a rare day to wake up on the porch with a haitian sunrise and then to see the sunset on the roof while admiring a new garden planter box. we worked hard all morning and finished 2 4x8 ft planter boxes. there is one on the roof of the orphanage with a trap and drainage holes. he rest of the day was spent wih the children. praise God for his children and his presence with our team. we ended th day with a chaitic and surprising bucket drum group with ed kidder onguitar and most of the. hildren beating. buckets while singing praise songs!!! t Tomorrow we head for Balan to feed them beans and rice. may God have all he glory forver and ver amen.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

we made it to nhhm safely!

wow, it is 240 am and we leave for haiti at 3 am! we are all tired but what motivates us is bringing the blessings of God to our neighbors.

thank you all for your prayers for travel safety! we have just arrived safely at new hope haiti mission orphanage. excited, tired, a little humid, but ready to meet the children and spread Gods love.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

haiti team #2, march 21-27, 2012

hello family, friends, and shalom,

thank you for visiting our blog all about our Haiti mission teams. Please visit often for day by day details and prayer requests about our mission in Port Au Prince, Haiti at New Hope Haiti Mission.

This post is to mark the beginning of the second missions to Haiti for Shalom Baptist Church.

Our team consists of 7 adults who will be going March 21-27, 2012 to focus on a feeding project of beans and rice in Balan, Haiti and a garden/ composting project at New Hope Haiti Mission. We are going to represent the love of God to 23 orphans for 7 days!!!!

I, Ryan Greene, will be posting to this blog while we are in Haiti. Do feel free to comment below with shout outs and support- We would love that!